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[NanoCube] My 12g nano


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Heres my 12g nanocube. Let me know on what you think.




Pulsing Xenia








2 hermits

2 snails

1 starfish

1 false percula

1 cleaner shrimp

Also a firefish goby that hides and is never seen..


thanks for looking




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If thats a orange linkia , it probally wont survive in that tank....too small , especally for its size......but good luck- nice tank

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very nice tank. i wanted a starfish just like that but one that was about 2" and i was told not to even try. so i gave up on that idea. but now that i c ur starfish, i want one now. thanx. nice tank

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thanks for the comments. Ya im going to start my refugium hopefully today and see how it goes.. as for the starfish it looks like its starving and like u said melt away its growing some bumps on the top of his body not sure what they are can anyone help me on that

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yeah your tank is to small for the starfish. the only starfish you can put in a 12g is a fromia star.


Would that apply to a 24g also.Or are there more choices?

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