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coral vital. anybody using this product?

formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2



my lfs owner swears by it, said its fantastic for choking out cyano algae, by speeding up the coraline algae growth. he swears its fantastic for helping corals grow. and last but not least says the side effects of dosing an aquarium with coral vital, is an ick free enviroment. i guess the product was never intended for this, but users found with repeated use, the ick parasite go's dormant in the system.


sounds alot like the companies overview of the product, i was just hoping to hear some first hand experiances.

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I use the livesand booster & Bacter - vital . I like the results.


I use the Lsb in my liverock holding tank and I use BV at start up &


if You need to recycle quick !! Alot of my customers use it does keep


down pest algae . Have never had an ich problem don't know if CV has


anything to do with it have always used it in my rock !!!

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