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30 Gallon Oceanic


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Here are pics of my recently set up 30 cube. I had it drilled for two 1" drains and a 3/4" return. I ordered glass from a local shop and built a horizontal overflow and then sliconed the egg crate to prevent snails, etc. from getting into the overflow.

I'm using a Mag12 that is giving OK flow to both tanks but not great. I also put in a 820 SEIO for additional flow.

I have two juvenile Onyx clowns and a yellow watchman goby in the 30 now.


Here she is:







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Thanks Bluelegs. It's only a couple of days old so I'm sure I'll jam a ton of stuff in it.

I saw you doing sigs on a different thread, could you do anything with the pics I posted. I have no idea how to do any of this stuff, posting the pics is as technical as I get.

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That's Southdown sand, or Tropical Play Sand sold by Oldcastle. I had some laying around for two years after I set up the 75 and used it.

Yes, the 30 is plumbed into the 75.


this is the horizontal overflow I built. It's 10" x 4" x 5" This thing is so quiet, I'm blown away.




Here it is in the tank. I used black silicone to try to match the black silicone used by Oceanic.




I built two external durso's that ended up being difficult to connect. I was using spaflex PVC so it helped but it still looks a little jacked. Works fine and I can adjust the level of the water in the overflow by tweaking with the ball valves. I have it running all out now and don't hear a thing.



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Thanks nerfherder! I'm using the 10K coralife bulb. I would say it's slightly more yellow in real life but takes great pics. My T5's on the 75 look better as far as color but are much more difficult to take pics of, a much bluer color.


Thank you icnine for the nice words!

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I just wanted to say that the arrangement of the rock is fantastic, not the typical masonry work you typically see. Lovin' the "not a rock wall" look. Works very well for the cubes shape.

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Thank you FishTechNH. I was lucky to get a 12 pound piece of I think Pukani that is the centerpiece of the structure. The rock has so many holes and a very interesting shape. It's the jagged shaped piece that juts out and creates the tip of the scape.


Thank you Semi xAsian!

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