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What are my options?


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OK so here is my problem I am running a 30 gal mixed reef with a 15 fuge and only a fuge no room for a skimmer so I am stuck with a hang on option only.

There is only four and a half inches of room from the fuge and the stand so I am still running the crappy seaclone I bought as a noob :angry: I will have to keep fighting with this p.o.s. untill I move or find a good hang on that will fit both systems.

In the next three to four months I be moving and during the move transfering every thing into a fifty gal but keeping the same fuge and then will have an empty area of 10x13 inside the stand, It looks like I will still be stuck with a hang-on.....I dont want to build a new sump or a add on section but I am willing to drill the fuge for a inline skimmer any one have any suggetions on what way I should go......If you dont think I have any good options then what would I do to plumb a second section into my sump.


any one please help.


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