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Is Three Fish too much for my 10 gallon?


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I have a 10-gallon FOWLR, and i want to keep three fish in it.


I currently have a false percula clown and i want to add a Firefish and a Yellow-Tail Damsel.



I am wondering if this is too much.



The only filtration i have in the tank is the 12lbs. of live rock. I don't have DSB. The substrate i have is a thin layer of crushed coral (1 inch thick at the most).

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if its a fish only your probably good. The false Percula might get a little large 3-4 inches but that's rare. I'd avoid the Damsel. Most damsels are pretty mean and in a tank that small they might beat up on each other. Maybe a goby, basslet, or blenny.


I have a few damsels in my 29 and they get into it quite a bit.


Make the right choice cause once he's in there you'll have to tear the tank apart to get him out.

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Make sure you keep the tank well covered. A few months ago, I had the tank covered, there was about a 1.5" gap due to a powerhead wire or something. I had my shoes right next to the tank. In the morning, when I woke up..I threw my shoes on and felt a lump in them.. I was like "WTF?" I took them off and found a dried firefish.... :( He was the man.


3 fish should be ok. Instead of the damsel, why dont you get a leopard shark?:happy:

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I vote NO on the chromis. Try catching one of those bastards once he beats the crap out of the rest of your fish. Damsels in general suck.

I vote for:

Scooter Blenny or Sailfin - lots o personality

false Percula


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Ya 3 fish is fine IMO, but seriously lose the damsel, he’ll only cause you problems down the road. As they get older, they just get to damn mean, and in a tank that size….na, no damsel, lose it.

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Why not try two perculas? You could try to breed them and make a few bucks . I have two in my ten gallon without a host and they get along great. Try to add some sand though or at least a carbon filter, you could run it for a few days at a time with carbon and then without. Good luck with anything you may decide.

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My input....I have a 12 gal. eclipse....FOWLR well with 2 hawiian feather dusters.....1-six line wrasse, 1-yellow coris wrasse, 1-yellow watchman goby and 1- lawnmower goby. Tank has been running for 5 months. I do have a small brown alge problem right now. Other than that...everyones happy. If I were you, I would go with a clown goby, perc. clown, royal gramma, pearly jaw or something with charicter. STAY AWAY FROM THE DAMSELS. You will be dissapointed when they attack your other fish.

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