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Polyps & 'Shroom doing well.. Xenia hates me !


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Well, one of my coworkers was nice enough to frag off some corals for my 6g NC and some are doing great ! The only thing that concerns me is that the Xenia and Leather didn't make it.... Green Star Polyps are doing grat, Bullseye Mushroom is extremely happy -- but the small Xenia colony is slowly withering away and the Leather mealted into nothing. What am I doing wrong ? Check out the picture below....




1.023 Salinity

Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite at 0

PH: 8.3

Calcium: 450

81F +/-




Here's the overall tank below. Xenia in the upper left, Polyps upper right, and Bullseye in middle. Bullseye moved to where leather was...






Below is the Green Star Polyp Colony on some SPS skeleton w/ Reef Hermit in background....






Below is the awesome looking Bullseye...






Below is the Xenia colony that is melting away.... What is going wrong ?



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Nice GSP and Shroom. as for the Xenia i have never had one. I would like to get one. But I have read that many people have had them melt away or they thought they died off and then later on they just came back. Sorry I'm not more help hopefully somebody that has one will let you know something.

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