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firefish goby curiosity


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so, out of curiosity, do or can purple firefish and normal firefish hybridize??


not that i would hybridize them if they would.


I just have a soitary firefish, and was thinking about getting a purple, if they do hybridize or pair, i wont. Is is hard to get firefish to pair or breed? I am always interested. Anyone with success. Not much info online it seems.

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i'm pretty sure if they could, it would have been done by now.


also, usually, from what i've read, you have to add the firefish simultaneously to have success with multiples in one tank... i know others have done it one at a time, but that's chancey... especially factoring in the size tank you have. what size is it?


also, make sure you have a lid, as adding another conspecific is likely to cause both fish stress, and they are jumpers!

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dunno about breeding them, but, they should ALWAYS be introduced to systems, together, or, they WILL brawl.


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