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Water change, or no?


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Hello, I recently bought a piece of LR with a bunch of green star polyps on it. Ever since the first day I got them, they haven't opened up. I have noticed some die-off on the rock, but I don't think it is the corals, since the closed buds are still there. Anyway, my aquarium pharmaceuticals kit tests the ammonia between 2.0 and 4.0 (!!!!) Should I do a water change, or just let it decrease on its own? I should also note that my Kenya Tree coral is still alive and fully extended(?!) in these water conditions.


Advice? :huh:

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You should always do water changes when you know there is a water quality problem with your tank.


The new live rock is cycling, releasing toxins into your water that you can not even test for, in addition to the ammonia readings, so I would advise at least 25% water changes every couple of days until your tank balances out.

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Does it matter if I take the water off the top, or should I try to vacuum the bottom?

Siphon any dead or dieing material off the new live rock first, after that try and remove any algae that might be growing because of the nutrient spike. If you don’t have some type of surface skimmer then you may also have surface scum accumulating that needs removed, but the main thing is to remove the toxins from your water column and they will be mixed into all of the water.

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Ok, after the 25% water change the ammonia level is a little over 1.0. I plan to test the water again tomorrow and let that dictate whether I do another water change tomorrow or not.



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