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DOH! I'm an idiot!...Lights just fell into water..


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Bah, stupid me was messing around with the aquarium, and then somehow half the hood slipped down and fell into the water...The lights weren't on at the time though.


Oh well, I guess its all ruined now as the ballasts are in the hood of course.





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Dark in the tank tomorrow, disassemble the hood, carefully check all of the connections, clean any contaminants with alcohol, let everything dry well, and tomarrow night, test it on a GFI line. All is not lost, saltwater is conductive but can be handled using your head. Take your time, and everything will be OK.


I have not done this with a hood, but MANY times with other stuff. Not in an aquarium, but I have repaired lots electrical equipment soaked with a number of nasties, and recovered to great working condition.


Take your time, use your head, check your tank occupants, and everything will be fine. Drop me a PM if you have Q's.

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dude, poor you. after all that "talk" about PSL, you go and ruin one of their fine products before it had a chance to prove itself. if your ballast is fried, just pop off the end caps, gut the hood and replace the innards (uh... shouldn't you already have done this to dry things off and prevent salt corrosion?)

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Well, I took it apart and cleaned it off and used a blow dryer to dry it...I'll try it tomorrow I think..


If it doesn't work, It must be an omen to get metal halide lights..



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U suck at reefing; Clutz. :happy:

Thanks fer making me laugh to day.

Need Pix Plz/Ty


Chances are it is fried and you need to really swap out the ballast. the salt will dry inthere and create a fire.

Toasted Acro is NOT Good Eats


Tgroupert, PERFECT macro-image execution;)

you get a big:


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I was going to berate all of you for picking on light-slaying Nano Reefer, but Justin did such a good job of it on the "installing live rock" thread that I saved some time by just adding my comments where necessary. I bet I saved five minutes here at least. Here goes...





I am ashamed of all of you. This person, possibly somebody new we can embrace into the hobby, came to people in the forum to get opinons and questions answered about soaking lights in salt water because he/she respects you and your opinions and thoughts about soaking lights in salt water . To all of you that flamed him/her, you just made asses of yourselves. Who made anybody the judge of what is a good question and a bad one about soaking lights in salt water ? A wise man once said the only dumb question is the question that is not asked about soaking lights in salt water . Personally, I give praise to Nano Reefer for doing the reseach and appologize that you were attacked by asking for our opinions about soaking lights in salt water which you must have some value for. I hope that you will continue to expand your knowledge through this forum and other avenues. I appologize on behalf of my insensitive fellow reefers.;)

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Nice to see people are FUNALLY... (misspelling intended) getting the idea behind my sig.

SmileyGuy, just be certain that if you do resuse the ballast, that you follow the previous arvuce of using alcohol and water to make sure all the salt is out. Rusting salt crept components are a serious issue.


this thread has now become the:.........


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let me make it clear i just like saying HA HA like nelson. and I have actually done that more than once with the lights on. NOT IN THE REEF. I wonder what doctor phil wopuld say.

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I did something similarly st00pid. I had my heavy wooden canopy sitting on its side on top of the tank. I was sitting on the floor below pulling the pump out of the sump because it quit working. Well I hit the pipe for the return and it knocked the canopy over. I noticed just in time to look up and WHACK it hit me in the nose and busted my nose. My nano rearranged my nose.

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I put a glass cover on the tank that covers about 3/4 of the area, so the lights rest on top of that now.


I took the lights and glass cover off the tank yesterday, and I forgot that I put the glass cover on my chair....well guess what ;P, I sat on the chair! :woot:


Luckily I felt the glass before I put my full weight on it, so nothing happend


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My first fish tank was fresh water and we had an earthquake which knocked the light into the tank. Killed all of my fish, just fried them and cracked the glass. That sucked.


With my 20G these stupid kids came over and knock my Power Compact into the tank. I had 2 Damsel and 1 clown and they survived. It fried my snail. There was a blue arked from the tank to my bed. Made the whole house stink. Stupid F***in Kids. My LFS repaired the light for $45 which was nice.

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