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MC Dual Ballast Retro Kit?


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I am thinking about getting the 24g DX - Dual Ballast Kit from Nanocustoms.com. I am not much of a DIY guy as far as electrical stuff. I have soldered before. How are the instructions and has anyone purchased this? I can spend the cash for a prebuilt but then what would I do with my old ballast.


Thanks for any info.

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I got the Dual ballast kit and it works great. I opted for the Prebuilt ballast and think I could have done it on my own, but preferred the assurance that it was done right.


Plus, with a 6 mo warranty, who could go wrong?


The only thing I had to do on my own is wire the fans up, since the power supply is removed for the "dual ballast".


Overall I am very happy with the transaction, and feel that the Customer service was top notch.


If you have the time, I say you go for the DIY. I love doing this kind of stuff, but when you factor in how much an hour of your time costs nowadays, it was totally worth it to just have it done.





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So did you have to wire the fans to the transformer? I thought that was how it is. A little wall wart and the fans are just spliced into it? I plan on replacing my fans since they are noisy and would like to get some better ones. I would guess they would work with the transformer the kit comes with.

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