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plants growing in my new tank?


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ok so just recently in the past few days i've noticed these little plants growing on my LR. I have a fairly new tank and it is still cycling but I have no idea what is growing in my tank. They don't move in the flow of the water and there are a bunch of little leaves like 1/16 of an inch long that are starting to grow from my LR. I'll try to get a picture up tonight or tomorrow but for a description they are dark green with tiny little stems and have an arrowhead shape and there are atleast 2-3 little leaves in each group. Does anybody have any idea what this is? I asked my boyfriend who knows a lot more than I do about SW tanks and he has no idea.

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ok so i'm sorry cuz these pics are awful...i did my best but i couldn't get a clear shot. hopefully someone can identify this, i know the pics aren't that great sorry!




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Could be some type of calurpa, but I can't really make them out too well in the pic...



you know what i think it's the beginning of Halophila engelmaniipost-18702-1144034558_thumb.jpg

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