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5g shroom, zoo


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Okay heres my tank during leak test I couldnt resist just setting the lights on to snap a pic.


My lights are 2 13w PC 10,000 bulbs. I may add a blue flourecent just for color.


Heater is a 50w stealth visi-therm


My pump is a 200gph Im hoping its not to much flow for my tank. I get a lot of surface movement with it.


The other 2 small pumps are extras I had around the house I may put them in just to add extra movement. Placed a order for 7 pounds of live rock rubble from premium aquatics to build a rubble pile in the middle of the tank. If this dosent work Ill order some larger nano size rock and save this for the up and coming fuge project. Thats all for now. I didnt know how to change the topic title so I started a new thread with the correct tank size.

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Not much of a update but tank is sitting cycling. Im going to let it cycle longer then most just to play it safe.

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