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New 10G help please.


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Hi. This is my first post to this board and i would just like to say that you guys all seem very knowledgeable and that this website is very nice. it is remarkably similar to the website i go to for my car, from the message board to the information page ( www.e46fanatics.com ). I have a good background in freshwater aquariums, but as this will be my first attempt at a saltwater tank i want to keep it very simple and low-tech so that as few things as possible will go wrong.

Anyway, here is my plan for a tank:


10G glass rectangular tank

Whisper PowerFilter ( rated for 30G )

Hagen 201 powerhead ( or comparable )

50W Heater

10 - 15 lb Fiji Live Rock

10 lb livesand


But my question is what should i do for a hood and lights? I want to go with Powercompacts as apposed to Metal Halides because i dont want heat to become a problem. I would not mind building a hood from scratch but i dont know where to start.


Thanks. (PS i tried to include as much information as possible so you guys dont chew me out like that other guy. )

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A hood from scratch is not difficult at all. It is basically a box with an open bottom and a few internal supports to keep it elevated on the tank. Check out the DIY section and you will be building one by tomorrow. Your plan looks sound. Good luck.

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I forgot to mention that i have a Reverse Osmosis filter for water, but not De-ionized, do you think i can mix my own saltwater for weekly water changes? Instant Ocean seems to be the brand of choice on this board? thanks again.

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Check out Aquarium Hobbyist supply for one option. They have 10G hoods as well as kits to do your lighting.


I upgraded from a smaller tank so I already had one of their 2 x 13W kits, so I bought another one and a hood and put all 4 12W bulbs in the hood with the ballasts mounted on the back of the hood.

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I got a 2x32 watt PC hood used for 85 dollars from someone on this site and have seen many other similar models pop up from time to time. Check out JBJ Formosa and CSL lighting systems, they both have models that would be good for a 10 gallon with wattage in the 64-100 watt range.



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