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Incandesant light for fuge?


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I'm looking at doing a DIY light for the back of my 30g tank, essentially getting light to the water bottle refugium I've got set up. Petsmart sells an incandesent bulb for $2. Will this bulb work for the refugium? I just don't want to put a bulb back there that is the wrong spectrum for the cheato I've got growing back there.


Here is a link to the bulb:



Thanks very much!

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You might be able to grow some sweet cyano with that bulb. Incandescents have no useful spectrum to algae or just about anything else. You will need something at least 6000k. Get a compact flourescent screw in.

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I feel compact flourescent screw ins are the way to go. For 5 bucks you can get a 25watt 6500k bulb from walmart. Its called "natural daylight" or something. Decently powerful with a good spectrum!

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