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Coral Vue Hydros

sallylight foot


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thanks dave, sorry for wrong forum. have a tendency to just post in the first discussion area. the hair problem i am having is, its only on one rock. for some reason that rock has unlimited amount of new hari algae each day. all other rocks are clean. its been like this for a month. could my rock be the problem?

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if the hair is only on one rock, take said rock out of the tank, scrub with a toothbrush ( I suggest an Oral-B as they have always worked well for me) and then put the rock back in the tank.


Algae should be finished.

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sally lightfoot, emerald crab, scarlet hermits, hermits, snails, and a lot of other things are said to eat hair algae. yet my tank is still filled with them...and no, nothing is dying in it.

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