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Should i rescape? (Bad pics included)


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Here are some pictures of my tank. i love the scaping but the problem is I have a few sps now that need to be move. I was thinking about making a rock wall on the left piece of glass and having a peninsula come about 2/3 of the way out. I have a perfect place for it at home this summer where it can be viewable from both sides. And as of today all the equipment will be moved to the left of the tank.


The corals arent fully open b/c the pic was taken a couple minutes after the lights came on.





Left Side



Right Side






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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

i really like your scaping, but the new plan sounds cool also.

ya do need a background though. which ever you decide on, i think the background is important :)

the blender just dont cut it :P

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haha well if i rescape i wont need a background b/c it will be viewable from the side that the blender is on also.


And the side that the powerhead is mounted on will not be seen and partially covered in rock.


My only concern is the sps. They are not touching anything right now but i dont have a place for them to grow out with the current scaping.

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