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Overhead Refugium?


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As a beginner I followed my LFS advice and purchased a All In One tank and and now know this was my first mistake ( I won't go in to details about the others).


My question is could I make half of the overhead filter into a refugium?

It would be 3" deep 8.5" long and 5" wide.

I am not sure if this is deep enough, I can make it longer if required as I will be using the other half of the filter for particle filtration and carbon etc when required.

I am planing to have live sand, LR and macro algea in the refugium with LED lighting(as I have seen done on this site)

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My question is could I make half of the overhead filter into a refugium?


I am sure you could. Can you post a pic or diagram of the filter design?

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The good thing with that is any Pods would have a smooth ride into your tank. I remember a couple years ago seeing a design for a fuge that was overhead and flushed into the tank to add random water movment. I belive it used parts from a toilet to function. Sorry got sidetracked on your topic.

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One Eyed Bunny

I'd be very interested in how this turns out for you. My only concern is the increased flow from water 'falling' at 9.81 m/s^2 and how it may affect your tank.

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Thanks for the quick replies.

Attached is a diagram of the overhead filter comparment.

There is no problem with the water "falling" into the tank as the outlet is only 1" above the water and has a deflector attached.

Can anyone post a diagram of the water flow through a refugium as I am a little unsure how it should work?

The tank is an all in one JEBO R362.


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I don't see any reason why you couldn't take away some of the 'filter' space and turn it into more 'fuge' space.


That being said, the flow might be a bit strong coming into the fuge. You want the water to move through the fuge slowly so that the algae/rock rubble/live sand can work it's magic! You could remedy this situation by using a smaller/less powerful pump perhaps.


Something to keep in mind as well that adding a few more inces of fuge might not really make enough difference to justify the whole mod. Fuges really need to be around 1/3 to 1/2 of the total tank size. It seems like you are way under this as is, so I don't think you would see noticeable results.


But it would be a cool mod in that I haven't seen very many of these style tanks posted--different is good in that it gives others something new to look at as can lead to even better ideas!


Good luck!

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After doing some more research I have now decided to put a standard refugium onto the take with more capacity than the over head comparment has.

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