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Alk question


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What type of buffer are you using and what’s your procedure, just buffing the top off water or your whole tank?


I’m still waiting for my new PH kit to come. If this kit reads a low reading as well then I’ll really have to start questioning my next move. I guess like I keep mentioning, I’ll probably stay away from dosing until I see some signs from my livestock that warrant the dosing.



Edit: I believe that MrA recommend adding Carbonate to help stabilize Alk. I know that Kent has a product that’s marketed at doing exactly that without disrupting any other parameters. I may try this out first, seems to be that safest route but then again this is my 1st SW tank.


Here’s what I’m talking about if you’re interested:


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seachem marine buffer is the stuff i'm using ATM. i think i have seen evidence to warrant dosing, re: the xenia i mentioned above. i think it's slowly coming back! it couldn't have looked much worse, actually. it's starting to take on 3 dimensions. before it looked like a used piece of wrigley's spearmint.


i've made my own LR from crushed oyster shells and portland cement, they look kind of ok. they've been in a bucket of water that's regularly cycled in an effort to get the pH down for almost 2 months. the pH is still off the chart . i've been tempted to put a small piece in my tank to see if that would keep the pH up w/o having to dose, but i'm afraid it could get dangerously high or leech out something else undesirable so i haven't done it.

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