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TDS and storage containers


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I'm always very careful to check my TDS as I'm making water, but never checked it after it's been in the container for a few days or a week. For some reason, today I decided to check water that has been stored for 5 days. I use the red plastic gasoline cans, have had them for 4 years and have never had anything in them except water. I used to put salt water in them, but they've been strictly ro/di for a couple years. My TDS coming out of my ro/di is 0. However, when I checked the water in the containers, it came back as 6.


I'm just wondering if something got into the container, or if it's possible something is leaching out of the plastic. Thoughts?





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Yeah, it's probably the container... Those plastic gas cans aren't food grade/safe.

Your best bet is to stick with stuff that is explicitly labelled food safe or at least has recycle code 1 or 2 on it.

I use a Brute trashcan and it always reads 0 (Initially it raised TDS a little, but I was told this was extra resins that weren't completely cleaned off of it).

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