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Float Switch Shields/Guards are ready.....pics inside.....


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Ok guys. I've got my shield done and tested. Here are 2 pics to start with.....



The top of the guard is soft white plastic and firmly site on the tube. This top will click/snap onto the bottle making a snug fit. The top also has a few air breather holes in it.


The bottle itself has around 8 holes around the bobber area for water to come in. There is a hole on the bottom of the bottle so the bobber shaft can sit in it for stability and safety. This will make sure that the bottle won't keep the bobber from moving freely.....so fish bonking into it or snails crawling on the bottle won't cause any problems.


I've been using one on my nano for around a week with no problems. Since the bottle can be easily taken off and cleaned I recommend it when it gets some algae on it.....it'll be very easy to do.


Let me know if you guys have any questions about it and I'll work with you if you guys who have switches would like a guard.


I will be posting a new add in the classifeds for the switch systems (pumps, containers, hose, etc) and the guards/shields.


The guys who have switches already can get one of the sheilds that will have a slit on the top allowing you to put it on the tube.



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Nice. Now mass market them ! muwahhhhh ahahhahahaa

mo money mo money mo money.


of course ya will have to make a better mounting bracket ( the old stick square and sip tie was not good. I could design a custom plastic clip on one fer ya if you want that will work well on glass tanks with the plastic lips.

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I may just have to take you up on that offer :). So far I've not had any problems with the sticky tabe but I guess some may have.....I've wanted a clip but I've been trying to keep them pretty inexpensive.



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I agree with Dave on the mounting bracket issue...mine fell off within a couple of days. I've tried replacing it with a similar stick on device, but have had the same problem repeatedly. What are your ideas for a solution? Other than the mounting bracket, I'm very happy with the setup.

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