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Cycle Question


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I have a 29 tht has been up for about 6 days. I added 20lbs LS at startup. I had a brown tint to water yesterday and an accumulation of brown showing on some dead coral in tank. I added some LR two days after setup and am now waiting. Today water seems a lot clearer. Is this just the beginning of cycle?

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Wellcome to N-R!


Yep, this is your cycle (sounds like that "this is your life" show :) )

Test it in about a week and see where your levels are, they should be zero'ed in about a week and a half/ two weeks

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did u use tap water for your SW mix?

Yes I afraid so. Is this going to cause more problems later. I am planning on having a FOWLR. Looking at the aquapod 24 for small reef.


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