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New book being written


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Firstly, I would like to apologise if the following sounds like an advertisment as it is not intended to be so. If Chris (or any other moderator) deems this unsuitable then I understand and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I am currently writing a new book entitled 'The Complete Book of the Reef Aquarium' which I intend to publish in several volumes. One of these, I will base on the Nano Reef system and its much underrated merits. In connection with this, I would like to ask permission to use some photographs of your excellent reefs in the book (with due credit of course) and in return I would discount 75% off your copy of the book for the use of your images.

I will also be writing volumes on coral propagation, larger scale marine systems, the keeping of invertebrates (such as shrimps and clams) and the establishment of a reef aquarium outlet and the system designs that go with it.

If you wish to offer your photos/system designs for use in the book, please reply to this thread or email chrisblore@hotmail.com with details of where I can access the images.

Thanks in advance

Chris Blore

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ok, now that you are on your toes, be forewarned, the resident authority here is in the process of writing a book on reef keeping and might get a little testy.

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the more the merrier.

I just hope it doesnt suck and read like every other book on the market.

zz zz zzz z zz zz z zz zz zz zz z z zz z z z z z z z z z z zz z z z z z z zz.......boring... rehash of the same crap with no USEFULL working knowledge tidbits. :rolleyes:


the title of mine is yet not determined.... but the back jacket picture is set in stone.. :woot:



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Dont worry, I've got no intention of making it boring:P I've been through the process myself - purchase book, read first page of book, find that the author is a boring old fart, put down book, buy new book.... END RESULT = Bank balance -£10000! (Not quite that bad) :)

I like the back cover picture:D



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LMAO Steve/dave HIJACK # 1,002 ?


Just after I quoted them the price to fix their reef tank they FUBARed and called them a Reef'tard ....

/Me thinks




course ya know I am the beater of Idiots... It says so in my profile ;) wouldnt be prudent to NOT live up to expectations.....

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