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uk pico - downsizing from a 2.5

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Really enjoying the 2.5 pico comp and so decided to set up a tank at work


Measuring approx 7x6x5 inches, approx 1 gallon


I found this aqua one tank gathering dust in a lfs and bought it and a small aqua one hob filter, this provides a good diffuse flow. Heating is by a small heater, no thermostat, lighting is a converted desk lamp, the 11w light removed and an interpet 18w power compact replacing it.




It was set up using miracle mud as the substrate with live rock and water from my main tank. I then placed some caulerpa rock from my main tank sump into it for a couple of weeks and then returned it to the sump.


A few coral frags were introduced and I then left it alone to monitor evaporation and temperature changes.






Topping up was with distilled water from a bottle every night and on Fridays I filled the tank as full as possible – not ideal.

In combination with this, the temperature change was too large varying between 20 and 29 degrees as a result of the lights, no thermostat and the lack of decent heating.




I added an old peristaltic pump on a digital timer to add water twice a day and three times every third day, this has maintained the salinity. To control temperature I put the non controllable heater on a timer to switch off when the lights are on and overnight and at the weekends I place a small controllable heater into the tank.


I then introduced some more corals, branching rock / coral skeletons scrounged from lfs.












more pics to follow





















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Looks good =)


Any better pics of the tank itself? It looks similar to a 8g tank Dr. Foster & Smith used to sell (the plastic parts on the corners...)

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Love the new set-up. These smaller tanks are so much fun aren't they. :D


Best regards



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Awesome tank, what Heater are you using in there? I am getting a 3 litre Pico set in a few weeks time (when I get paid) and I just need a Heater to keep the tank at a stable temperature

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