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Tankmates for a Tailspot in 20L?


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Would a couple of percs in a 20L bully my tailspot?


I'm also considerting (as an alternative) a single banggai cardinal (would love a pair but don't think that's likely). Whatever I add needs to be ok with inverts (sexy shrimp in tank).



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I have both and think vote for the cardinal. It's so peaceful and beautiful. My perculas are tiny so I'm not sure what their personalities are going to be. Also, I think a purple firefish would be awesome in a tank like yours.

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Thanks for the reply. I thought about a firefish, but was looking for something with a different body type than the tailspot (also long and narrow).


I agree that the banggais are beautiful. My only hesitation is that I'd rather buy tank bred, and haven't found any even though they're supposed to be easily bred.

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