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1st pictures.....3 months


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Hi everyone!


I've just restarted this hobby after 20 years and a lot has changed over the years. Starting on a budget doesn't help either...so things are going to be added very slowly. I had some old dead coral from years past that I have used in this tank along with my live rock. It's no longer popular but looks better than the painted stuff I've seen in some LFS's (that stuff is awful).


Here's the info and pictures. Suggestions and guidance is welcome but please be kind!


12g Eclipse

13w 50/50 10000k

12 lbs live rock

20 lbs live sand



nitrates 0

amonia 0

ph 8

salinity 1.023

temp 78


2 fire fish

1 perc

1 red legged crab

4 blue legged crabs

1 small sand sifting star

1 hitch hiking teeny tiny star

2 mushrooms

1 feather duster

1 red foot snail


I know the fish are too much but the fire fish were inseparable and my grandchildren had to have a Nemo. The pictures aren't very good so I'll have to practice with the camera.


Thanks to everyone here for all the knowledge on the site!



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I don't think that the fish are toooo much. Just ensure that your fuge can keep up with the waste. Also you have set yourself up very tight if you overfeed on accident.

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