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Coral Vue Hydros

Super Leather Growth


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I purchased a leather about a month ago and let it attach itself to the top of my live rock, leaving what I thought was enough room to grow. It started out a little unhappy, but lately after a lighting change it has been growing like crazy. It is still about 3/4 of an inch from the surface, but at the rate it is growing that distance could be made up in less than another month. Will it grow right out of the water? Should I take measures to prevent this?

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it may breach the surface a little but then should start to grow laterally. it may even creep downwards versus widening and then splitting. i've never let them get that high up tho (snip-snip).


btw what did you change? lower kelvin, higher wattage, or just additional bulbs? leathers can double in size (or more) in a year. probably a lot faster than that in the wild.

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interesting. the lowering water temp is one aspect that can go either way. higher metabolism (higher temp) or more plankton production or food (lower temp) to elicit greater growth.


i was speaking more about the light temp tho. the backing off of the light energy (72w to 56w) can cause the coral to expand more to be able to capture more energy. that's why coral expansion differs from coral growth (true measure). sounds like it's going well tho. ;)

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Its funny that you mention that. The leather was always extended, but the polyps were rarely out. After the light change, the polyps are rarely retracted. It looks much better.

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