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Differences between NC 2005 & 2006 models


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What are the primary differences betwene the 2005 NC12DX and the 2006 models? I was shipped the 2005 when the product description on the store's site clearly said 2006 (as well as my invoice).


I never realized it until now when someone mentioned the 2006 model comes with a surface skimmer? Isn't the new pump rated at 166GPH vs the 106 GPH in the 2005 model? I'm wondering what else I got short changed before I call them up and complain.


It has now been setup and running since Feb 06.. grrr I can't belieive I was dumb enough to never look at the back label before setting it up on my dresser.

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i believe, the 2005 model is prone to cracks from the upper right corner. do a search on the forum and you'll find many experiencing this, from people that manage to save their tanks and people that end up flooding and losing their livestock. sorry if i'm the bringer of bad news :o

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