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How do you make a sump out of a 10g AGA


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I have a nc 12dx but i think i am going to sell it and buy a larger tank btwn 20-29 g

I have a 10g AGA and I want to make it into a sump. Whats a good tant btwn 20-29g but has no lighting? And how do you make an over flow box or is it easyier to just drill? predrilled? How do you make baffles and I would like the sump to hold a skimmer, media, and a refuge. Also how would you make the return?


Since I plan to use a 150wt hanging pendent for lighting would it be easier to just buy a 24g aquapod tank only from nano Custom and let the water run througha 4 compartments then instead if going back into the tank dump into the first compartment of my 12g nc then run through all the compartment of the 12 g then go into the 12g's actual tank. Then I could construct A DIY overflow bow with a pump that returns the water back to the 24g tank. I would patch up the exit? of the 4th compartement of the 24g and patch up the intake of the 12g.


I think this would work ? all I need is another pump, some black acrylic for patching and for making the overflow box,and proper fittings and tubing. I would also have to cut a hole in the hood of the 12g.


I would also put a mj 1200 or 900 in the 24g for circulation.


Id also like to know a good skimmer for this type of tank. and would a 75 wt jager heater be ok



I know I have Alot!!! of Questions SORRY!!!

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