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What Next? Cycling new Aquapod


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I have set up an new 24G stock Aquapod with about 20 lbs of "pre-cured" Fiji LR and 20 lbs of live sand. It has been cycling for about a week. After a couple days, the stats were:


Amonia 6.1 (chart max)

Nitrate 110

Nitrite 1.6


and now the stats are:


Amonia 0.3

Nitrate 110

Nitrite 1.6

ph 7.9

Temp 80


The high levels of amonia are pulling back and I'm not sure what to do next. When do I do the first water change?

When does the clean up crew get introduced?

Will the Nitrate and Nitrite numbers decrease on their own? or do I need to help it?


I'm really excited about this first reef set up and I hope it is just a stepping stone to a larger reef tank after the long learning curve.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Pinner Reef

Patience is a virtue!!! I know it's hard to stare at an empty tank( trust me my tank just finished cycling). As for the H2o parameters mine balanced with TIME (took 6 weeks) my ammonia and nitrates were unreadable and nitrate was at like 10ppm before I added the clean up crew. Then I waited another week before adding one fish now i'm waiting another two before adding any corals. Grrrrr thats over two months of stareing at water and rock. :angry: Like someone once said somewhere here "Only bad things happen fast in this hobby" hate to bum you out but sit back and chill B) it'll happen before you know it. ;)




Ps. I am still a noob so I don't know everything!

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I would definatly agree. the nitrites and nitrats need to get through the cycle then they will decrease. NO water change, that will just make the cycle last longer IMO. just sit back and enjoy your rock! :)



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Carolina Fish Nuts

add stablity every day for about a week this will help speed up you cycling a bit.

it is put out by seachem

and wash out you spunges one to two times a week while your nano is cycling

if the nitrates are not hight you can go ahead and add the snails and crabs.

i d say about 4 or 5 of each to start with

when you get it going these nanos normaly need a weekly water change of 10 to 15%

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Thank you Pinner, Randy and Fish Nuts for your recommendations. I knew going in that patience is required when setting up.... but the temptation to push the process always sneeks in. All your comments reassures me that my tank is where it should be expected at this point. Will do the sponge cleaning and check into the seachem product.... thanks!!!



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