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is this plant a good thing ?


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I purchase my LR from a LFS

I seems that my tank is turn the cycling process

and a type of plant is growing on most of my LR i have a pic but its not too good its from a fujifilm 5.1 MP F460




the white circles are the plants


can someone tell me what it is

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Those pictures are just horrible. But from the blobs that I can make out seems like the regular algea that comes with the LR. Its usually dead by the time you get it to your home. BTW in order to take good pictures of those plants you have to put the camera in the macro format ( usually has a picture of a flower ) so you can take good closeup pictures. Also NO flash........hehe

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ok thanks

i didn't know that flower thing did something

i will try and take another pic no flash


hmm i suck with this camera or maybe its the camera

no flash flower and its jsut as bad

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... i suck with this camera...


Does the camera have a macro setting? Most digitals do.


All my pics looked like crap until I found the macro setting for closeups.

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