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bubble corals


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what do you look for when purchasing a bubble coral? do different color bubble corals have different needs? what am i suppose to feed them and when?

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Not sure. Get a good book about corals though so you have a good resource to check with what people say. I have one and it has made all he difference.


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fish n' pets

I have never owned one, but i want one so i do a lot of research. As far as i know, all bubble corals are the same, whether green or white (get green, it looks cool!). Im not entirly sure how to spy a healthy specimen. But, feed it every 1-3 weeks, depending on lighting. Put some cyclop-eeze in the water to get its tenticles extended (and distract the fish, if any). Then, put 1 cube of mysis in a turkey baster, and squirt it into its mouth. And, i agree, get a good book. The Consientious (sp?) Marine Aquarist is a good starter, by Robert Fenner. Just don't listen to him when he says undergravel filters are OK in a fish-only setup.


Edit: The Simple Guide to Mini-Reefs is great, too.

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thanks for your fast replys. is it ok to feed them krill? i use to have an anemone and i use to feed it krill until i got two cleaner shrimps that always took the anemones food. and yea it died. thanks again. i will be sure to check out a book store after school or when im not busy.

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Just make sure YOU cant spot any bad spots or skelaten or it is retraced some where. I good reffrence book never hurts though. Color is you choosing it makes no diffrence. Why krill and no mysid?

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