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1) Most is sold as unattached frags. What happens if one does not mount them on/in a rock or crevice, but merely jams them down into the sandbed?


2) Is it bad, good or of no matter if the flow pattern from a Hydor Flo gives the frogspawn a direct blast every revolution?


Thank you!

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One Eyed Bunny

1. Don't "jam" anything. It should be glued to a rock or stone used cyanoacrylite gel or some similar glue. Then place it where you desire.


2. Yes, direct flow like that won't be good for the frogspawn. It needs current, but nothing as strong as a direct blast. So, try to give it indirect flow as much as possible although a little direct flow, such as that the tentacles will be pushed to one side or another, isn't all that terrible. Just don't have it look like its going to fall over.

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