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Algae/brown spots on heater.


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Should I clean these brown spots (algae i guess) on my glass heater that resemble rust? Does it affect the heaters performance? (I have it all over the back glass as well...not that I care about that)


Does everyone just let there heaters get covered in algae & other stuff?





I've been cycling my tank for a while now and been watching the nitrite readings drop slowly. Today it was about 0 or 0.1, so I finally ran the nitrate test from my seachem marine basic kit, and the thing didn't even register on the color scale. The test is supposed to give a pinkish reading, but mine was clear like water....


So I tested the reference water which is supposed to read 10, but it only was at 1 :| X)



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Just leave your heater alone. Unless you want it to be pretty. Once your nitrite is gone then you should be ready for livestock. Do not do coral just yet Maybe a fish, then see how things go. You could start with mushrooms and see how they do. Probably fine they are very easy. You shoudn't have any nitrate yet. You must establish a biological foundation then you might start reading nitrate. Nitrate is usually caused by waste from fish corals etc. Over time you need to keep an eye on it. Keep it low if any! Hope that helps

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Just a note for the future. When cylcing tanks it's ok to leave lights off while doing so. It will keep algae growth to a minimum.


As Snoreefer mentioned you can leave it alone.....it will do no harm.



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