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Hello all!!! I just bought a 12 gal JBJ set up. I am not new to the whole reef keeping scene I have a 75 gal that has been running great for 5 years now. But I do have a couple of questions about the nano set up. First off I took out all the bio balls, ceramic rings, and sponge, I dont have it on my big tank and didnt see the need in the nano either. Am I right in thinking that regular weekly water changes, rock, and sand bed should take care of the filtration needs? In the back of the tank are the three compartments I put as much sand in them as I could, of course that was trail and error as I had to take some out not realizing exactly how that over flow worked. :D And as a general rule of thumb how much water should be changed out at a time? I am thinking that I need to put a heater in the water due to compacity of water. Thanks for your help.



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well usually i do a 10%-20% water change weekly

also a heater would be a good idea, im not too sure about nano cubes but i hear that most people hide their heaters in the compartments behind the display area

Also most people also upgrade the pump because from what i hear, the stock pump is not strong enough


Hope this helps :happy:



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Yep I bought a small heater that day when I bought the tank did what everyone else does and put it in the compartment in the back. Do you put a heater in the water you are going to do your changes with to get it close to tank temp or just do the change without prior heating?

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I would put the heater in compartment 3 and if you want make compt 2 a fuge. I switched out the stock pump with a maxi-jet 900 (some use the 1200, but it blew the sand in front of my tank away down to the glass).


Not sure about all that sand in the back. Might become a nitrate trap if you're unable to siphon it. Some people add LR rubble (although the rubble can act the same as sand if not siphoned) with chaeto in cmpt 2 (i.e. fuge). HTH and good luck.

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