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Going stock, proof it works


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I've already posted pics of my tank in the other forums but I wanted to show the beginners proof that you don't have to mod your tank out like crazy or spend tons of extra money to have a nice looking tank. This tank is completely stock including the sponge, ceramic rings, carbon, and bio balls (except for the surface skimmer).




Just so I don't get completely flamed on this post, I do agree with a lot of the mods like removing bio balls, cutting sponge down and using filter floss and I plan on doing a few small things to the tank. The tank has only been up for about three or four months now and I haven't had time to work on it other than stocking it.

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Tank looks great FX, I'm glad you posted that.


On another note.... I'm not trying to flame you, but a Cardinal isn't a good choice for that tank. A 6 gal is way too small, plus they do better in groups.

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Sorry, should have noted the following


I took the Bengai Cardinal out a few days after I put him in, the flow was too strong for him. I had one in a 29g for a couple of years by himself and he did really well. I am planning on taking the sun coral out as well because the lighting is too strong in the tank for him (he only opens at night or when I feed him). Either that or I'll restructure the rocks so that he is in the shade. I still want to add a few more things but work is busy so I'll wait. The hammer coral has opened to double its size in the pics and the rest of the corals have started spreading as well.

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The sun coral should be fine under the light, they just don't need it. I've seen them kept under halides in the open. Normally they only open up after lights out or for feedings. If you do keep it out in the light, pay close attention to it, if algae covers the coral, it will kill them.

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I'm the same guy as reefer9391

It does look nice my only mod is I added flow I like the swinging look with my LPS and such I might upgrade like to keep a dersa for a while.

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I just meant mod as in doing ANYTHING differently to the tank then the way it comes out of the package, basically MODifying it in any way shape or form. I've seen a lot of newbies get dicuraged and think they have to run out and do all kinds of work on their nanos and spend money to have a nice tank.

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I think thats a really great encouragement to us beginners.....thanks for the post. I wanna stay stock on my nanocube and then do a custom when i get a hang of all this salt water stuff.

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Two Nassarius snails

A few hermit crabs

A few Astraea snails


Sun Coral

Pink tip hammer

Green Fuzzy Mushrooms

Purple Mushroom

Green Zoanthids

Yellow Polyps


I plan on adding a few more mushrooms, zoanthids, and polyps. I also have a really nice bubble coral and candy coral in my 10g that I'm thinking of moving into this cube.

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