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hey guys i have a 10 pound rock with 30+ xenias on there, can anyone gimme an estimate on how much its worth cause i'm planning to sell it. thanks!

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damn thats not a lot of money. lol i thought xenias are lfs were going for 10 dollars a head?


Break the rock to get 1 per head, and sell each frag for 5$ (~ end up with about 30 frags x$5)= $150


All people want is "just a lil bit" to get it into their system and sooner or later they'll produce their own. If you can go to a local meet and sell the frags for 5$ each, im sure new ppl into the hoby with nanos or new setups would buy it for 5$. Heck if I can find any type of frag up here in Canada, i'd pick anything up for 5$ (or *cough* 6$ cdn).


and if your wondering

1 'large' head of xenia is about 20$ USD at the LFS where i'm at

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I get any where from $2 - $6 each for Xenia at the LFS's here in central Florida. I don't sell to the $2 guy anymore. Here is an example of what I sell.




A wider shot of showing more of my xenia frags



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