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Won Brothers Support & Service: Displeased


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Ok, I just had a great experience with seachem, I told them my alk test was bad, and they're going to send out a new reagent without even as much as a receipt. (I do have one, they just didn't ask)


My experience with Won Brothers? Not quite the same.


I recently had one of their titanium pro heaters fail on me, a month or two after purchase, and I had purchased it a Premium Aquatics and they directed me to the manufacturer. Not sure I'm real happy with that either. I'm going to email premium aquatics with this and see what they say.


Anywho, here's what I got back from Won Brothers.


Thank you for purchasing a Won Pro-heat heater and sorry to hear that the heater is not functioning properly. The heater warranty is one year so if you send a copy of sale receipt, the defective heater along with a Check $9.95 for the shipping to the address;

11050-F Livingston Rd

Ft. Washington MD 20744


We will replace the heater ASAP.


If you have more question regarding this matter, please call at

1-301-203-2529 or 1-888-417-6969


Won Brothers, Inc


So, let me get this straight, I have to ship it to you, pay for them to ship it back to me, even though it was their faulty product? I'll have paid for a new heater by then. C'mon guys, give me some customer service here.

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Sorry to hear about that... For what it's worth, I've had nothing but bad luck with titanium heaters. Won's always seem to crap out right away, and I've had two Jalli's go bad on me, though the second did last for 3 years. I just stick with Ebo Jager's now. I've never had a problem with them, I've got one that's over 10 years old now.

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I think people are getting spoiled by outstanding (as in, standing apart) customer service. Company policies are company policies - you cannot fault a company for upholding the rules they lay out for us. It's not fair to expect more from them than what they say they will offer.


For the record, the Customer Service Policy from Premium Aquatics states that all warranties are covered by the manufacturer.


As for Won Brothers, their warranty only covers defects in workmanship - you're lucky to even get an offer of replacement, without their wanting to inspect the heater first. It is standard practice in any industry to have the customer pay for shipping a product back to the manufacturer.


Sure, some companies will go the extra mile, but it's unfair to require this kind of service from every single vendor you come across. If you don't want to pay for return shipping, buy your dry goods from your LFS. ;)

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Customer service is customer service. Simple as that. Seachem will get my continued business, where as Won Brothers will not. Defective Merchandise, and a policy that says I pay shipping both ways. There's no point in shipping, as I'll end up spending as much as a new unit.


So no, I'm not spoiled. I expect people to stand behind the product they sell. Something which is has all but dissapeared in this country.


Don't be fooled, companies who care about their customers, like Seachem seems to, will stand behind their product, and will go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy. Happy customers = More business. It's just that simple.


So I'm lucky that they want to let me pay shipping totaling the price of the item? Lucky? Come on man.


Ethical and common sense business practice is what it comes down to. I think you maybe need to check that you haven't been lulled into a state that assumes since there's so many companies out there with generally poor customer service and support, that that's the way it's supposed to be. Cause it's not.

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Not how it's supposed to be, but how it is. They did exactly what they said they would. I'm not saying they're right, because I think it's a shoddy practice on the parts of both companies - but that's how it is. Try sending a digital camera back to Canon, or a carbeurator back to Holley.


I'm on your side here, buddy - but what you call 'poor customer service' is actually an industry norm. Seachem has 'outstanding customer service' because they (apparently) do what others don't.


They are in the business of making money, and absorbing shipping costs (which, logistically, is incredibly dangerous on their part) does not make good business sense. Maybe they should have senbt you a new heater, it would have been nice - but you cannot expect it from them.

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I expect every company I deal with to treat their customers right. If they don't, then I'll find that out, and will discontinue business with them if possible. Not to argue with you man, but I won't lower my expectations just because a majority decides shoddy business practice is acceptable.


They are in the business of providing a product and service to those who they sell that product to.


And it makes perfect business sense. They eat a little bit of shipping because their product failed. I then tell everyone I know that they were great about replacement, and I become their best marketing tool.


They tell me to eat all the shipping, I no longer purchase their product, I also tell others about my troubles, they lose sales.


Simple as that.


Oh, and that's not a problem for companies who manufacture a reliable, well built product. It does become a problem for companies who sell products with a high rate of failure though. Greed also plays a part.


By the way, I have dealt with a lot of other companies who will pay for all of the shipping, some who will pay for half. I think this is the first one who expected me to send them a check to cover their half of the shipping.

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I'm no good at explaining market solubility and how it relates to customer satisfaction, so I'll just leave it alone. Good luck, hope you work out your heater woes.

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I'm sure you may have been taught that there are all sorts of formula's and what not as far as business is concerned, but in my opinion that approach is just what has gotten us to where we are with all the bad customer service. This equals that. Customers Equal this.


The companies with a little care go a long way. And people tell their friends about them.


I appreciate your not jumping on me even though I've been a little bit in your face about this. I just can't stand it when people say that we're just supposed to accept the crap that get's shoveled down our way, and that it's good business practice when I know it's not. Good greedy practice? Maybe. A way to make and keep more money in the short term? Maybe. Not a way to hold on to customers long term. Not the way I run my business.


Thanks for the good luck wishes.

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Well, Premium Aquatics Is also the Bomb. I emailed them with Won Brothers response, and Jason got back to me shortly thereafter seeming a little curious about that policy. He said he'd see what he could do. this evening he emailed me and said since my heater was on clearance they couldn't return it, but would be happy to give me a credit.


So thumbs up for www.premiumaquatics.com




Thanks Jason!

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