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Hey everyone,

I don't know if this thread belongs here, but I wanted to help this guy I went to school with. He just stopped by my house and asked me if I've seen anything since I live down the road from him. :angry:

He just finished drilling 7 holes in a reef for someone to pickup (I guess in his driveway by the garage) and his GrandMother saw a white car pick it up and take off with it. He's really upset about it, so if anyone by any chance sees a tank for sale in the area, please let me know. I don't know the gallons or dimensions yet, but I will give him a call and find out what I can and post the info here. All I know right now is that he drilled 7 holes in it.

Thanks everybody,



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The same type of people who would break into a LFS and steal coral out of their tanks. No kidding, not just dry goods (they did steal several high priced light fixtures and other equipment) but they actaully took the time to bag coral from the sale tanks and make off with it. This happend at a LFS here in Tucson, AZ. Not the first reef store break in here recently either.

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"hey everybody! i just got this pre-drilled reef-ready tank..."


jk, sorry i couldn't resist bustin' on a fellow nj'er.


has he called the police? file an insurance claim?


it's gotta be a smallish tank for someone to just come up and snatch it. maybe they thought he was throwing it away? mondays are trash days in my town. maybe he can contact the trash company and see if they came by and took it by accident. my house is serviced by a small white pickup truck.


i assume it wasn't the intended customer either. he's checked, right?


check the local lfs for "new" tanks or "new" setups. that may give him a lead. if/when he calls the cops, note the cost to them. a plain ol' fish tank may not get that much attention but a reef-ready $1500 custom tank might.


hope your friend finds it.

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