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29 Long....Been up for about a year..........Woke up and water was cloudy, my 3 fish were lethargic and kind of flopping around.Eventually went DOA..Snowflake eel was OK.....Checked my heater and was kinda crappy.Temp was OK but water felt cool..So I replaced it...... Tested PH ammonia, Nitrate, nitrite and everything was well w/in limits..... Seems like all my hermits and some snails are now dying and snowflake eel should be DOA by morning..... Went out today, came home and I have NEVER SEEN BRISTLEWORMS IN MY TANK BEFORE AND NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN THERE ARE ABOUT 4 OF THEM. I dont know if it had anything to do with the strange goings on in my tank but something is amiss... ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS??????



NEED HELP OR IDEAS NOW to try to salvage what is left my GSP, and zzos seem kind of ok but I wont know for sure until the AM.....

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Anytime the water goes cloudy...Do a water change. Cloudy water may not show up on the usual tests. Whatever it is is lessened by doing a partial.

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I just moved a piece of life rock and I am NOT KIDING about 50-75 baby bristleworms started floating around in the water. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE..I am afraid to put mu hand in the tank now. ALOS FOUND some sort of Tube that was living under the rcok. Gonna pull it out and snap a picture will be up in a few minutes...Also will try to take apic of all the bristleworms.

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But, as soon as they died I took them out. I think they might be out because EVERYTHING IS DYING. The fish were out w/in 2 minutes of dying this morning.... This is some weird shiznet going on in my tank today..... I am hoping my corals and stuff survive the night....

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I can not even begin to describe for you what my tank looks like right now....There are Dead Hermits, Turbos, etc, etc EVERYWHERE. It looks like the Nuclear holocaust......I found what I believe to have been the problem..... A while back I had purchased a Sand Sifting Star, to stir my substrate a little. Well one day it disappeared. I figured it buried itself. Well I moved a pice of my LR and moved around the sub a little and low and behold, there it was what was once my sand sifting star fish..I have attached a photo of it.... Being in law enforcement, I have come across some Unbelievable smells in my time. When I pulled the remnants out, I began HEAVING!!!!! It was the most GOD AWFUL smell I have ever had the displeasure to come across... I am leaning towards the cause being the remnants releasing something into the water that reached toxic levels. This all happened LITERALY OVERNIGHT !!!!!


In the pic you can see the discoloration of the paper towel, some sort of Primordial ooze...


Tomorrow the work begins, I am going to completely drain the tank,and dump the Live sand. I will be scrubbing the crap out of the tank with baking soda too. I am going to err on the side of caution I am going to be safe this time, since I really am NOT 100% sure of the cause. I will attach some pics of how I have MCCGyvered everything.... Gotta go tomorrow and get a 10g, just to get everyone out of the cooler and buckets......


FishTech: She is only about 8 or so inches long, when I got her she was about 4 inches long. She is my baby............ I have ALWAYS use Distilled water. Thanks for all the help guys....I will keep you up to date on the Reload.....and Re-cycle.....




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Atleast you found the problem, hope you are able to salvage some of the things from your tank. Also, are you using just distilled or Reverse Osmosis + distilled, as I understand, the Reverse Osmosis is more important than the distilled.

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