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Feedback for plumbing layout


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I figured I'd get some feedback on this before i start drilling. The tank is a clear for life 30g pentagon and the sump is being custom built by socal creations. In the tank i'm planning on adding a 4"x4" toothed overflow with a stockman drain through a 1.5" bulkhead. The overflow drain will be split into two adjusable flow outlets in the sump, one in the skimmer area and the other in the fuge. The skimmer is an ASM mini. The return pump will be pushing 600-700gph after head loss through a 1" check valve and then to an OM squirt the will cycle between the four outlets which are 3/4" bulkheads. I know the drain pipe is overkill but I want to have the flexibility to run more flow if i want to later, but i did also consider 2x 1" bulkheads with stockman's. I wanted to drill everything in the bottom of the tank because I'm tired of looking at plumbing, and pumps, and powerheads. All of the outlets will be behind the LR.


Any feedback or input would be appreciated.




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One Eyed Bunny

Looks good. The drain pipe is fine, really, like you said, it'll give you a bit more adjustability.

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cool in theory. hope it works.


Thanks for the feedback guys, glad I didnt' overlok anythign major. It's going on my desk when I move in a month or so, so i'll post some pictures when it gets going.

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I've been told many many times never to use a check valve because they're usually the weak link.

and if you don't

Back siphon through the sump return during a power outage looks like it would make the display water level drop really really low....


Worth it to expose almost everything in your tank to open air during an outage?

Just sometihng to think about.


How about a closed loop for the 4 bottom returns and a smaller sumper return higher up so you don't have to worry.

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