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mysterious death of a cherub angel


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This morning my mom comes into my room and says " Hey Beck your blue fish died" she had fed my fish this morning and when he didn't come out she looked around and saw a crab trying to stuff the fish into his hole. Now granted the fish was way bigger than the hole. I tested the water and all was perfect no fluctuation in any of my chemistries trates were <5, 0 trites and amm. The Royal gramma is fine and actually looks happy to have the tank to himslf kinda struts around. Even though the two fish shared the 20h with out any problems. Yesterday he was fine when I did my W/C and acted normal as always. I examined his body this morning and the only visible damage was a hole in the meat of his tail and all of his fins had been eaten off. His skin integrity was good and there were no obvious signs of disease. The angel had been in the tank for almost three months and the gramma was added about 4 weeks ago. he always ate well and recieved a good vireaty of food frozen brine, mysis, and formula one.

Does any one have any clue what could have caused the death of my chubby?:*( :*( :*(

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Such tales seem pretty common. Fact is most of the time we don't know what happens/happened, but it could have been from chronic stress of captivity or any chemicals it was exposed to while collected or shipped. The ultimate effect of handling is often not seen immediately.

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I used to have a fish only tank and after three angels of different sorts including a Queen Angel I gave up. They all died just as you describe...one day fine...next day dead. All other tank inhabitants just fine. In my case they were carpet anemone food. I don't think the anemone was the cause of their death because it never "ate" anything else.

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