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Fastest cycle ever!


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Hey everyone,


So I got my 12gallon Aquapod running about 12 days ago, live rock in about 10days ago.. here is the deal. in the past 4 days, I have had an out break of green/brown hair algea in my tank. I tested my water, and all my levels are close to 0..


Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate .2

Ph 8.4

alk 1.8


Red Sea marine lab- Test kit!


I have never had a tank cycle this fast before..


I only use RO water and red sea salt.


Lights: 52watts, 50/50 (stock lighting for the 12G AP)


So my problem, What should I do about my hair algea?


I have my free cleaning kit coming from Aquaticisland.com but I dont think they will go near this hair. There is lots of life on the rock, dusters, and spongers!


What should I get to bring my hair algea down?

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So my problem, What should I do about my hair algea?


What should I get to bring my hair algea down?


Physical removal (tweezers) coupled with grazers (hermits or turbos).


The grazers won't touch the long hair algae, so you have to tweeze it down.


Best to do the tweezing in a bucket of old waterchange water so you don't spread fragmanets of the hair algae all over the tank and cause a prolonged infestation.

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I went to the LFS yesterday and got a emerald crab, he has been at work all night, cleaned three rocks already that were heavily covered, I think he is tired now though, he is just hiding in a whole in the rocks. he will get hungry again. and when my clean up crew gets here, hopefully friday I will add them I hope the problem goes down!

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Cool. Keep an eye on him, though.


Make sure he doesn't get hungry and make snacks of your cleanup crew or future fish.

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From my experience and information from other reefers, hair algae is a sign of higher than normal phosphates...i noticed that you didnt include that on the parameters you supplied us.

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