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Eclipse 12 Stock Set up


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Firstly, thank you to all that have contributed to this site and have helped neanderthals to SW like myself become dangerously informed. This site has been an inspiration as well as a check in realizing that I am looking at a very steep-rising learning curve.


I am not new to fishkeeping but new to SW. I have kept FW for a number of years and currently have a large 180g with wild discus and a 90g waiting for wild altums. My kids have a 12g Eclipse that is being converted to a nano reef. My plan is to set the tank up for now for Nemo and mate, and then in a few months convert this to a larger set-up with better equipment. As a result this is a 2 phased question - one using stock and 2 planning for next phase without duplicating expenses.


Eclipse 12 - Stock setup

Set up has been in place for 3 days.

I am only changing the lamp to a 50/50 13w. 12 hrs a day. I know the stock light is poor but I would like to see what one can do with thye stock system for a six month period.

Filtration - added bioballs to filter. Should the bio wheel remain or be removed?

Would like to add a powerhead. is the maxijet 400 a good choice? Other suggestions. I have read much on this site about Hydor

Live Rock - 12 lb in tank

Substrate - Caribean sea - 20lb added

Temp -78F



Plan to add a clean up crew of snails, crabs and shrimp in 2 weeks time.

Would like to add some corals as well.

Will add a featther duster and a brittle star.


1. Plan to add clean up crew in 2 weeks, then add 2 percula clowns two weeks later, and add corals slowly. Brittle star and feather duster added at this stage. Is this a good sequence and intervals

2..What corals can I add to the tank at this stage. Looking for variety in color and form. Please provide names where possible. Corals will be transitioned in six months to next phase tank.

3. Some LR is only an inch from the top of water. Can medium demaning corals be placed on shelf at this level. If so what type?

4. Will a fire shimp and skunk shrimp be ok together?

5. Could a neon goby or some other goby be added to this mix.

6. Once corals are in what additives (calcium, magnesium, etc) should be added and how often. Is kent a good choice


Phase 2

Plan to set up a 20g XH. Is the depth an issue, even if I plan the more llight demanding corals near the top?

HOB filtration - recommendations

96W Corallife Powerquad

2 Power heads - one being the MJ 400


1. Can one move the sand and LR from the 12 to the 20 with ease, including corals and fish. Should the move be staggered?


Thank you in advace for your help.

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sounds good so far

i would stick with shrooms and zoas because they are less light demanding and are easy to care for. Wth 13w you will need to keep them elevated up high, like upper 1/2 of tank.

The fireshrimp will kill skunk.

In a 12g 2-3 is standard as long as they are small.

No additives.

Hope this helps.

(never moved tank, wouldn't know)


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Thanks Alex


No additives for mushrooms or zoos?

Thanks for the tip on the Fire and skunk. Is either preferable or is that a matter of aethetic choice

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You have the same tank I have. I can't answer everything, but I'll try to get some of them!

I kept my bio-wheel in, but the popular opinion seems to be to remove it. The reason for taking it out is it can contribute to high nitrates. You can always give it a try and then take it out.

With your lighting, you need to stick to the low light corals. Zoas, mushrooms, and star polyps are typically the 3 you'll be able to use. As far as additives, at the very least, you will need trace minerals, iodine (for your inverts), something to adjust your ph, and Phytoplex for the corals. Kent is fine. I only have a small submersable pump for water circulation. These corals don't require too much.

I wouldn't add any more than 2 fish. I know some people do, but clown fish get bigger than you would think, depending on what kind you get. I might hold off until you upgrade to the bigger tank.

Hope this helps!



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clown fish get bigger than you would think, depending on what kind you get. I might hold off until you upgrade to the bigger tank.



From all I have reda it would appear that the False or True Perc's are the preferred for a 12g. Is Tomato an option?

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I have been trying to understand if I would be able to add the following to the mix:


Sand sifting star or Brittle star

Which of these snails and what quantity

- Astrea

- Margarita

- Cerith

- Nassarius



Dwarf Blue legged




The tank has been set up for a week now and Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites are all zero. The rocks are ALIVE - there are a number or miniscule critters crawling about, algae is starting to grow and I am looking for action.


When do I start to add corals, cleaners and fish.

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