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Moving Across Town - Keep or toss the old sandbed?


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I am moving into a new place in three weeks. I have a stocked 18 gallon thats been running for 7 months. I will have a new 55 gallon to move my contents into at the new location (completely new setup).


Should I add my old sandbed to my newer tanks sand bed? Are there negative consequences to doing this?



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Depends on how deep the sand bed was. If its a thin bed and you've kept it stirred and clean (no "bad stuff" hanging out in the bed) then I'd say reuse it. If it was more of a dsb I'd say get get a few cupfulls/pounds of the topmost layer of the bed and use that to seed new sand in the new tank.

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I would say keep it. It may help you in the long run as far as cycling your new tank goes. It may not take as long to cycle the new one and will also keep you from having that huge cloud milky white water one gets when they add new sand from a bag. The most you would have to do is skim it for a day or two, check your salinity/alkalinity levels and then add live rock and livestock accordingly. I moved my 65g from an old apartment to my new home and was able to add everything back into the new tank the next day. I just siphoned the water into 30 gallon bins, placed the rock into another bin wrapped in wet newspaper and moved the tank with the sand still in it. Once I got home I placed all the rock back in along with the same salt water from the bins and allowed the tank to skim overnight. Once I checked my levels and everything was alright, I added everything else back in.


If you decide to use the old sand, just scoop it with a plastic cup and place it gently into the new tank trying not to disturb what may already be in there. Place the sand first and then add the water. While you add the water, just make sure not to splash it all over the tank. Add it into a corner and make sure there isn't too much disruption on the surface. If you use a hose of some sort, just make sure to point the hose toward the glass and allow the water to run down the corner end of the tank.

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The sand bed is about 1-2 inches deep. I haven't been stirring it or anything. My tank is too packed with live rock to do anything like that at the moment. Some nassarius snails burrowing, but that's about it. The sand from the side of the aquarium has some browns, reds, and greens going on under the surface. Not sure what that is.

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Cool. Do I need to wait a day or two before putting my fish and corals in?


Just wondering if pouring in the new sand will stir up some funky stuff that will make my parameters off for a little while.

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