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purple polyp-things on my LR


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And this is a good thing, right? It's like I went to work this morning and they weren't there, then I come home tonight and boom, they're there.

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I have some of those aswell.... I dont think its coraline, and it seems to be growing in some places. Several of them have hair like things coming out of the points, and they are sharp and pointy in general.


I have no clue what they are either.

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I also have one but have not gotten a good picture yet, looks like a pink pimple with 5-7 thorns coming out of all directions.

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H2Olovr & jafoca,


Your pictures/descriptions make me think what you have are forams (foraminiferans), common hitch hikers that are actually an interesting group of organisms in their own phylum, amoebae-like creatures. There are many different species with widely varying appearance, but the purplish/red/pink spiky type is often seen.


Read about them here:




And find a little more info & some pictures here (scroll down):





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