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my AquaClear fuge


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just finished it today and I would like to share it


materials: old floppy disk holder, some eggcrate, zipties, aluminium foil, 50/50 20watts PC bulb and a dremel;


here are the pics :














1. can I buy some sand and put it inside my fuge...like 1" depth because I have none left; will it have an impact on my tank?


2. how long do you keep the lights running over the chaeto?



tank is up and running for a year; (snails, corals, 1shrimp, crabs, no fish yet)\\\\




thank you

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One Eyed Bunny

You could do it in similar 12-hour periods or opposite 12-hour periods. I'd stick with a 12-hour cycle of on and off.

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Obsessed Reefer

i wouldnt recommend putting sand in there cus if it gets stirred up then it could wreck your motor on the AC

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