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Whats good for flow / turnover rates?


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I need input on the turnover/flow rate for my new tank and help choosing a return pump. I want to keep a bit of everything. The tank is a 56g (36"L x 18"w x 20"h). I have a SEIO 800 (820gph) to go in the tank. I also have a 20g sump going underneath. I'm thinking a Magdrive 5 or 7 as a return pump (500gph and 700gph, respectively).


1. Is this enough flow for my tank? (about 20 to 30 times turnover in the display with head loss taken into account)

2. Are Magdrives decent pumps?



Thanks guys.

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magdrives are great but im not shure what your turnover rate should be i dont really have the say with larger tanks like yours

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I know. I'm probably graduating to a different board. Switching from 18g to 55g.


I think I'm going to go with a Mag Drive 5 for approx. 300gph, and add a SEIO 600 to get to a turnover of 30x.


I'll place the Seios higher up to give some flow relief to the LPS and softies below.

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Blind Tree Frog

Mag drives are neat pumps. I've got one in my tank and was running 2 different ones at one point. You should be fine wiht it.


As far as turn over for the return pump goes, i've got like 1x turn over right now. The only down side of it seems to be that with the thermometer in the sump it isn't heating the water in the tank well enough and at night the temp can drop. 20~30x should be fine as long as you have no problems getting the water back down to the sump.

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I'm going to have an internal overflow with 1 inch bulk head. The mag will drive 300gph from the sump, so six parts of th turnover will come from the sump. The rest will come from the Seio's in the display. I think a one inch bulkhead will allow at least 300gph to drain.

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Dont fear the flow....try for the 30 mark, and that should be good. My turnover is around 27X and Ive got a little of everything in my reef. My shrooms definately could use a lower flow environment; but they seem to be use to it now, and open up nice and big.


I will admit, that I dont get great SPS growth though, despite the fact that they do look nice and bright and healthy. (maybe its the shrooms, maybe its just me).


happy reefin'

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