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I want my Candy!


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I was thinking of adding a candy cane coral to my 6 gallon NC today, original stock 18w lighting, and just want to know if additional calcium is needed to maintain these corals.


I do weekly water changes with Instant Ocean, I eventually want to change to TM-Pro or Kent reef, but for now IO has to do.


The only other corals I have are some mushrooms and yellow polyps.


So, does anyone foresee any reasons why I should avoid this coral?



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The lighting should not be a problem. I have one in a bin with cycling rock and 15 watts of lighting and it's growing like crazy.

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Thanks for the quick response, it's appreciated.


As far as the calcium goes, do you see any reason why regular weekly water changes wouldn't be enough for these corals?

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You arent going to need to dose any calcium for and LPS....You start dosing calcium when you have SPS/Clams

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Thanks very much


PS ProRap: I recently saw the movie Devil’s rejects and instantly thought of your avatar; sick movie but good directing.

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