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waratah anemone


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for the past few days, the jeremai has been all poofed up and not taking food. hoping for babies!




and as you can see... i'm still not done with the big black cube :(


i DID however waste 4 hours making a 3D model of it in google sketchup lol






will figure out how to better insulate the canister and tubing eventually

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probably should start a new, tank thread... but OH WELL.






the white walls suck. 1. makes the sand look gross. 2. makes the stained silicone stand out even more. maybe BB would be better :(

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There is some kind of new sand I saw at the LFS the other day. It's stark white, I mean REALLY bright stark white.... Almost blinding under halides.

I don't remember what brand, but I do remember thinking it was WAY over priced. Something close to $50 for 20 lbs.

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I see clownfish.. so you don't need to keep those anems freeeeezing? Or do your clowns have coats? :B


I ask because I made my boss order 5 waratahs today, I was going to setup a coldwater tank...but if I dont have to..... :)

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Sweet. The best LFS in the area opened back up and they have NC6s for less than 90 bucks. SAWEEET. Guess I know what my waratah tank is gonna be :B

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