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waratah anemone


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will get a pic of him right now




this is the best picture i could get of the base, it seemed to have darker red spots on it





overall though i think its beautiful, i fed it some krill and its gone from the size of a nickel to larger then a quarter!

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wasnt a LFS i got it from fraggle reef, excellent company to work with BTW even threw in a free frag! came out pretty nice i would say

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I know; perhaps I'll order one from them (if I could get that purple one), but the description they used eats my ethical craw. Oh well.


Looks like an Urticina felina, by the way.


Edit: they're tiny, though - my U. felinas are almost three inches across at their fullest; the U. capricornis are almost 5"!

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Hehe. Mine puff up huge the day I feed them, then go back to a 'normal' size the next day. If I skip a feeding they either shrink or start to wander around till I feed them again. I don't know if Adin sees the same with his anemones, since he feeds more often than I do, but you'll learn the 'average' size in a week or two, once it settles in.

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well it seems to be doing great it attached right to the rock and hasnt moved since, you think a whole krill a day will suffice?

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well guys it stayed that same size and actually grew more with another feeding, im sure it will go down, right now im looking for a small good looking tank to keep it in, the mini bow 5 looks like crap, prolly going to get something like a 5.5 and get a new pump for my aquaclear filters, prolly going to buy a few 5.5's actually need something to try and grow some peacock mantis babies! i am wondering if i feed cyclop-eeze if the anemone will take on a more reddish tint? also when you feed frozen do you thaw it or do you just give them the frozen cube directly

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I just stick the frozen cube in the middle of the anemone - if it were thawed it would fall apart before they had a chance to close in on it.

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i do that with clumps of freeze dried too. (fast.. before it unclumps). you can also weigh down the freeze dried cyclopeeze with reef chili (adin's secret!) & use a dropper.


silversides i feed straight frozen. they thaw out as they hit the water. i'd run frozen mysis under the tap, in a net. too much juice.

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It says they're preparing for division, if my Italian isn't broken. I thought they upchucked babies? :huh:


Speaking of which, how did your anemone look the day or two prior to 'birthing'? Did it still accept food? Was the oral disc more enlarged than normal?


One of my Urticinas is acting funky. :(

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Nah. It won't eat, just grabs the food and lets it sit there. Eventually the food just floats away. About half the time the oral disk is puffed out and the tentacles are retracted, but the mouth is still closed. Hasn't eaten for almost a week. Next time it happens I'll get a pic.


PS - that thread had so much crap in it I can still smell it on my fingers.

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lol, well guys i guess i was just worried for nothing, what happend was it just spat out its little turd and it was just closing up after that

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Sorry if someone has already said this, but The Marine Center www.marinecenter.com has them listed for $29. No photo. Not often available.

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if they're the same species as mine, i treat them the same way. low light, heavy feeding, unheated tank... about 70F. they haven't reproduced for me yet. (too chicken to slice) like Actinia, they're very sticky. is yours bumpy?



Got me a new quote! Somewhat out of context, but who cares! Muwahahahaha

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Giuseppe Mazza


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